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By: Staff (justin) 2011.02.23

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Jobs in the Travel Industry

Almost everyone who hits the open road, crosses continents and discovers the joy of traveling also finds out that it costs. No matter how cheaply you travel, at some point you calculate how long your pocketfull of pesos or rupees will last you. You wonder, sitting at a Parisian sidewalk cafe enjoying immensely the small espresso that devours half of your daily budget, you wonder if there's a way you can get paid to do this. To taste luscious pastries and rate them, to run rapids in Ecuador with friends, and fly for free to your favorite island. Well, there is.

There are a number of ways to work in the travel industry with all the requisite benefits, and a paycheck - though there's no guarantee about how large that check may be. Guiding others to your favorite places, writing about your travels, or sailing the high seas on a cruise ship are three of the best ways to see the world and still tell your family that you've got a "real job." We talked with representatives from each of the three professions about what it takes to make money and still see the world.

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