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Our 3 Cents: Romance on the Road
By: Richard Steel (justin) 2012.01.14

Island Love - Corfu, Greece
It is rumored that one can easily find romance on the road, providing the right road is chosen. We've heard of a few good ones and thought we might encourage an aspiring Aphrodite or Casanova with our insight. If you find yourself in Greece on the island of Corfu, romance can be found for 280 drachma. I am not suggesting that you pay for it (especially because that's equivalent to about 90 cents U.S.) but rather pay the bus fare from Corfu Town's New Fortress to Agios Gordios where, among inspiring rock formations and sheer cliffs, you will find the legendary Pink Palace. The hostel-resort is a hedonistic playground: toga parties every night, cheap ouzo at the bar and English-speaking backpackers weary from city travel out to hook it up with no strings attached. The best time to go is in high season (May through August) but don't count on finding romance with the natives, as most young Greeks steer clear of the sinful Pink Palace. Rest assured, the parties are worth the trip for the rest of us. Women - this is your place; togas leave little to the imagination so you know what you're in for!

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Viva Las Vegas
Possibly the only place for a drive through wedding, Las Vegas is the city for instant romance. When you're three weeks into that two-month road trip and are looking for more than a driving partner, cruise on into Vegas. The odds of finding love there are at least as good beating the dealer with 16 showing. Sin City has several locations to get married on the spot. Even if you are not planning to get hitched, these two deserve at least a drive by, not necessarily a drive through! Located at 1301 Las Vegas Boulevard, Drive Up Wedding Window (702-382-5943) is the place for the convenience-minded couple - where you don't have to get out of your car to become man and wife! The second is a Vegas legend: Elvis' Graceland Wedding Chapel (where you can see the King minister a ceremony) can be found at 619 South Las Vegas Boulevard. Call ahead to be an official witness for Mr. Presley (702-474-6655). After you've been at (or in) a ceremony, why not take your love out for a romantic night on the town? If you get lucky at the roulette table, you might be able to afford the monstrous hotel, The Venetian. Fashioned after Italy's most romantic city, the hotel boasts canals and serenaded gondola rides. Don't forget to take your love to the replica of the Rialto Bridge, where it is rumored Italian couples go to kiss in order to ensure everlasting love. And for those who've not had Lady Luck with them, nor any lady, there's the last resort -- the famed Mustang Ranch outside of town. Just make sure you've not gambled your last dollar, because you'll need it there. Hopefully though, the King will look kindly on your Vegas trip from up above, and you'll be peeling out of the drive-thru wedding chapel with your new love and heading into the sunset.

Zee most, how shall we say...romantic city

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Ah, Paris! How could we leave out the City of Light, and love? Acclaimed for centuries as the most romantic city in the world, Paris has stood up to rivals Venice and San Francisco as the most enchanting destination for romance. The Eiffel Tower at sunset, the Louvre at night, the Seine, the Right Bank bathed in morning light, the Left Bank's shops and cafes, the grandeur of Notre Dame, Place Vendome's architecture; all conjure up images of the quintessential Paris. If you are looking to meet that special someone to share Paris with (if even for a night) rumor has it that Le Balajo is the place. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning at midnight, for about 17 dollars, you can hit the hottest nightspot in Paris. Now listed in the more mainstream guidebooks, the crowds have grown and you will find it more difficult to get in and mingle with the Parisians. On the other hand, you might find yourself chatting with another lone traveler looking for some company in the city of love. If you finish dancing at closing time (6 a.m.) you will find several small, romantic street cafes just outside the Paris club. The perfect place for starting another day practicing your Parisian accent on "Voulez vous couchez avec moi?"

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