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Volunteering Overseas after a natural disaster
By: Phil Guidry (justin) 2012.04.01


Working with a variety of organizations in 7 countries, BaseCamp offers tailored volunteer training and mutually benefiting placements. Volunteers work in schools, social and healthcare programs, building projects, as well as conservation work with wildlife. Travel with a purpose. See website.


Volunteer Abroad

Thailand, needs your help restoring heavily damaged coral reef. Be ready to commit two weeks; training provided.

Kenya: Calling Aspiring Doctors and Nurses

Help alleviate Kenya's overworked healthcare system and get valuable hands-on medical experience. Madventurer places volunteers wherever needs are most urgent, including maternity wards, flying doctor projects, and inoculation programs. Training provided; fees applicable.

New Zealand: Preserve Its Natural Beauty

The Global Volunteer Network is seeking volunteers to preserve and monitor New Zealand's unique environment. Spend up to three months working o­n trail construction, replanting forests, removing invasive species, and recording wildlife sightings. Training provided; fees applicable.

Bolivia: Spanish Speakers Wanted for Community Work

Organize community leadership and promote human rights in o­ne of the poorest Latin American countries. I-to-I trains and places volunteers for 8-to-12-week projects working primarily with underprivileged women and children. Must have an intermediate, conversational understanding of Spanish. Training provided; fees applicable.

Nepal: Donate Your Elbow Grease

Do you know the difference between a hammer and a wrench? Good, then come to Nepal and volunteer to rebuild schools, hospitals, libraries, and more. Live with a local family while you assist skilled local craftsman with desperately needed infrastructure improvements. Applicants shouldn't shy from manual labor (duh!). Training provided; fees applicable.

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