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By: Eric Tiettmeyer (justin) 2012.10.01




Budget study abroad. Low prices, academic quality. Open to all. Earn college credit. Easy to register. Quick confirmation. Flexibility. Can pay balance at arrival, or in advance. Go with CSA - Center For Study Abroad. Low cost programs since 1990. See website.


USACUSAC, a non-profit consortium of U.S. universities, offers summer, winter, semester and yearlong programs in 25 countries, 40 program locations! Earn university credit in language, business, ecology, environmental science, engineering, health, journalism, art history, sociology, music and more. 1-866-404-USAC, or


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Studying abroad is an eye-opening experience that you will never forget. You have heard that song and dance before, right? Well, we figure if your mind is set on studying abroad, we don't need to include any poetic persuasion. What you need are facts and information to get you where you want to go.

Probably the most difficult part of choosing to go abroad is finding a program in a country you want to visit. The next excruciating part is choosing the amount of time to go. And finally, and most important, is raising the funds to make it happen.

Choosing a Timeframe
Choosing the amount of time to study abroad can be very difficult for some people. Many questions come up. What will happen while I am gone? What will I do without my boyfriend/girlfriend? What if there is an emergency/death and I am away? These are all legitimate reasons to minimize your stay, but your worries may inhibit one of the greatest experiences of your life. According to Eva Walthers, International Programs Counselor at UCLA, most students apprehensive to go abroad a full year are encouraged to try a shorter program first. Most come back wanting to go abroad a full year.

Homestays are the Bomb
If you want to truly experience the culture you visit, find a program that encourages home stays with local families. Not only will you find yourself immersed in local customs and improving your language skills, but you meet friends and neighbors who know all the best local secrets.


Alternative Travel Directory Transition's Abroad publishes a well researched collection of listings for study and work opportunities worldwide.

Culture Shock: A Student's Guide substitutes the large directories with personalized commentary on studying abroad.
$12.95. ISBN 1558682449

Peterson's Study Abroad guide is available in most study abroad offices and gives well organized directories and an interesting introduction.
$29.95. ISBN 1560799951

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