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Volunteer Books while you are overseas
By: - (justin) 2012.04.01



Working with a variety of organizations in 7 countries, BaseCamp offers tailored volunteer training and mutually benefiting placements. Volunteers work in schools, social and healthcare programs, building projects, as well as conservation work with wildlife. Travel with a purpose. See website.


International Directory of Voluntary Work
A comprehensive directory of 700 organizations that offer short and long term projects for skilled and unskilled workers. The book's biggest asset may be its indepth directory of projects in Western Europe, which are usually more difficult to come by. No U.S. affiliates or E-mail addresses are given, so contacting them may take a polishing of your language and an international phone call. Peterson's Publications. ISBN 1854581643

Volunteer Vacations
Short term adventures that benefit you and others. This book offers mostly short term volunteer opportunities lasting up to two weeks. Each organization or placement is given its own page, complete with locations, dates, costs and skills needed, making it easy to follow. ISBN 1556523637

Jobs for People Who Love to Travel
Although the volunteer section is very small, this book offers some good contact information and resources to for those who plan to work overseas. A whole chapter is dedicated to dispelling myths in working abroad, which is a great starting point for anyone deciding whether to go or not. Impact Publications. ISBN 1570231141

International Jobs
Although mainly a collection of addresses, the book dedicates a chapter to non-profit organizations and internships. Most of the book talks about opportunities with the government and United Nations. According to the book, the United Nations puts out the International Directory for Youth Internships. Send a SASE to Council on International and Public Affairs, 777 U.N. Plaza, New York, NY 10017. ISBN020162222X

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