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Paid internships in Thailand: Work and travel in Thailand  
Travel and work abroad in Thailand!

Paid internships in Morocco: Work and travel in Morocco  
Work and Travel abroad in Morocco, Africa!

Paid internships in Costa Rica: Work and travel in Costa Rica  
Paid Internships in Costa Rica!

Paid internships in Croatia: Work and travel in Croatia  
Paid Internships in Croatia!

Paid internships in India: Work and travel in India  
Paid Internships in India!

Paid internships in Australia: Work and travel in Australia  
Paid internships in Australia for companies like IBM!

Paid Internships in Canada: Work and Travel in Canada!  
Paid internships with companies like Pepsi Co, Sobeys and RBC!

Paid internships in Germany : Work and travel in Germany  
Paid internships in Germany. NEW paid internships with Allianz, adidas, Alcatel, and BMW!

Paid Internships in Greece: Work and travel in Greece  
Paid internships in Greece!

Paid Internships in Japan: Work and travel in Japan  
Paid internships in Japan with US Navy and Thomas Reuters!

Paid internships in Mexico: Work and travel in Mexico!  
Paid internships in Mexico with companies like GM and Marriott!

Paid Internships in the Netherlands: Work and travel in the Netherlands  
Paid internships in the Netherlands with companies like P & G, Nike, adidas and TomTom!

Paid internships in Argentina: Work and travel in Argentina  
Paid internships in Argentina working with companies like Intel, Procter & Gamble, Thomson Reuters and more!

Paid internships in Brazil: Work and travel in Brazil  
Paid internships in Brazil with companies such as HUGE, JP Morgan Chase, R/GA, Intel and HP!

Paid internships in Czech Republic : Work and travel in Czech Republic  
Paid internships in Prague and other cities in Czech Republic with companies like HP, IBM, and Procter & Gamble!

Paid internships in the USA: Jobs in USA  
Jobs in USA with multinational companies that may land you travel and work opportunities around the world!

Paid internships in London and UK : Work and travel in London  
Paid internships in London with Apple, Ernst & Young, Mastercard and other companies!

Paid Internships in South Korea: Work and travel in South Korea  
Work and travel throughout South Korea with these paid internships with companies such as Qualcomm and Accenture!

Paid Internships in South Africa: Work and travel in South Africa!  
Paid Internships in South Africa including conservation with Global Vision living remotely with wildlife!

Paid Internships in China : Work & travel in China  
Paid internships in China with GE and other companies

Paid internships in Ireland : Work & travel in Ireland  
Paid internships with Oracle, HP, and others!

Degree Abroad In Italy  
Degree Abroad in Italy. Find out how to use US Federal Aid and the GI Bill to directly enroll in universities in Italy

Paid Internships in Israel, Work and Travel in Israel  

Paid Internships in France  

Paid Internships in Spain: Work & Travel in Spain  
Paid Internships from companies like UBS, Marriott, Ebay, Oracle, that are looking for English speakers!

Travel Writing, Write your own travel guide!  
Tips from Eric Tiettmeyer at Student Traveler on how to be a successful travel writer.

Hostels abroad, Jobs you can do abroad, should I use a paid subscription service?  
If you want to work your way around the world, there are plenty of not-so-serious gigs to keep you from going broke. Governments work with organizations like BUNAC ( and CCUSA ( to give out short-term work permits for...

Paid Internships : Paid Internships Abroad  
Paid Internships all over the world!

Work Abroad Australia, Broome country volunteer  
Katrina Carrasco digs up more than just sweet potato tubers on a farm in Northwestern Australia. She learns that sometimes the experience of working abroad can be worth far more than...

Work Abroad FAQ  
Work abroad does not always mean working in a cubicle 9-5 in a foreign country. There are ways to travel around the world and get paid for the...

Work Abroad Resources, Work Abroad Websites, Work Abroad Books  
Check out these jobs for People Who Love to Travel, and info on how you can get them!

Career tour guide  
What does it take to be an Intrepid group leader? Exceptional people skills; wide travel experience in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East; broad life experience; and...

How to write for travel guides  

Ski resort jobs Europe  

"We don't have all day, you know!" the chef screams at me in French, as beads of sweat trickle down through the crevices of his face.

Hostle work, Work Overseas as a Club Promoter, Work Abroad in a Club  

Find a job in Europe student : jobs in Europe for Americans : Summer jobs in Europe student : Jobs overseas Europe  

Summer clerkships internship u.s. territory, Work Abroad in Saipan  

WWOOF Ireland, organic farming volunteer abroad, Work Overseas on a farm  

The goat had escaped her pen again. As she trotted nonchalantly past the kitchen window where I stood washing dishes in a 500-year old farmhouse in Ireland.

On a Safari, Work Overseas on a Safari, Work Abroad in Africa  
Three miles from camp and a million miles from home, we come upon a footprint the size of a tire. My heartbeat quickens, and my pace follows...

Work Abroad in South Korea, Teaching English in Korea  

Work Abroad in Vietnam  

Work Overseas in Africa, Work Abroad in Ghana  

Preparing to work abroad  

Work Overseas in Europe, under table job resume  

Work abroad in adventure  

How to write for travel guides, The World Awaits, travel writing workshops Costa Rica  

Contiki jobs, tour manager, how to be a tour manager  

Travel jobs  

Cruise Ship Jobs: cruise line, student cruises, travelercruise  
.An interview with Mark Landon, the author of Cruise Ship Crews, a resouce book on all the inside details of the cruise industry.

Work in Florence, Work Overseas in Italy, student apartment florence no agency  
.Imagine a work day without an alarm clock, cubicle, Snapple or overtime. Instead, you wake up to church bells ringing in Giotto's bell tower and...

Travel Jobs, Trek America jobs pay, Coal mining jobs overseas, Contiki Holidays photoshoot  

I was working at a hotel bar, Bar work abroad Spain  

Work Overseas in South America, Finding work in Ecuador, Central America jobs  

Overseas Books Recommendations  

Work Overseas for the Federal Government, Working Overseas as a Foreign Service Officer  

Travel jobs in Europe, Work Visas for Europe  

Travel jobs in Sydney Australia, how to make money in Australia with travel  
Work in Sydney and sign up to get updates on Paid Internships each week

Working Overseas in Asia  
Downstairs, your maid has fixed you a perfect omelette, strong coffee and fresh mangoes...

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Looking for archaeology in Argentina, marine research in South Africa, or journalism in China? We have a work experience internship for you! We have opportunities in 22 countries and can tailor a position to you! Email us at or go to Travellers Worldwide.

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Teach English Abroad Resources

Visit Student Traveler's Paid Internship pages for many popular desination countries. Why not study, work and travel? Click on the links to the left, or go to our paid internship page. We're updating all of the Paid Internship listings daily so check back often! is a favorite site of ours for teaching English overseas. The web site is through, which has a huge directory of work overseas jobs, that can combine budget travel and work abroad and also offer overseas contractor work. How nice would it be to work abroad. will show you how!

The Work Abroad section from Transitions Abroad is another overseas work site we really like! This section focuses on work overseas -- jobs in a variety of books to choose from -- from bar work abroad to working with a corporation overseas! is a favorite site of ours for teaching English overseas. The web site is through, which has a huge directory of work overseas jobs, that can combine budget travel and work abroad and also offer overseas contractor work. How nice would it be to work abroad. will show you how!

University of Michigan's Work Abroad site has a well organized arrangement of international internships, short-term paid work abroad, volunteering abroad, and teaching abroad. The site gives time frames and applications which definitely help with determining when and how to work abroad!

Of course there is always Monster's work overseas jobs site. The home page has links to its job sites all over the world. A hospitality search in the UK turns up 483 results alone!



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