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Spring Break in Cancun, Travel to Mexico  
Who says its not safe to travel to Mexico? Justin Jones travels to Cancun for spring break, stays at in the city and outside the city, and gives a full report on the safety of the area.

Cheap car rentals  

Where to Travel in New Zealand  

I [Heart] NZTourism in New Zealand can take a traditional form, like camping or driving a motor home from town to town. Chat with a sunny-natured Kiwi about contemporary Maori art over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or catch a rugby match with the...

Study Abroad, travel and work overseas in Brazil  
Brazil is like being at a party where everyone is much cooler, better-looking, and can dance much better than you, but you don't mind because at least you...

Round the World Airfare, How to fly around the world  

Amazing Catholic Churches, Churches like St. Peters  

3centsSo you thought St Peter’s basilica in Rome was one of a kind? Guess again. It has inspired numerous replicas throughout the Catholic world. One stipulation remains however: the Vatican will not allow a copy to be bigger than St Peter’s in Rome.

Cigarette smoke Israel, Wall Street cigarettes Israel  

Justin Jones goes to Israel in search of something more than history, religion and war. Between the friendly people, the adventure tourism, the bars, and the delicious humus, he certainly finds what he is looking for!

Airvanuatu student, The Air Pass  
Imagine being able to visit two dozen Asian cities in a single month - and doing it for a price comparable to a single round-trip ticket from California to Southeast Asia.

Home hostels  
Hostel As any seasoned backpacker will tell you, hostels can range from clean and classy budget resorts to run-down dungeons. Most fall somewhere in between. One thing that seems to set the best above the rest is that some hostels just feel like home.

tree branches at interesting pictures of statues  
Get a crash course on taking successful and inspiring travel photos. Check out these tips - they will help you to take some great photos, but remember the most important rule of photography: have fun and soak it all in.

Cheap student travel insurance, horror stories in travel, disease outbreaks, quote travel  

One Stop for Cheap Flights  

Youth hostel, Hostel bookers, Youth Hostels in Europe  
Youth hostels all over the the world!

Rail Pass 101: Eurail Pass, Eurail Planner, Can an American buy a Eurail ticket in Europe? Eurail Reservation Fee  
Everything you need to know about Rail Passes in Europe!

"Student Discount" websites, student discount sites, hotels on priceline to find the best deals, Discount Hotels and Youth Hostels  

student airline discounts about, Discount Travel, Vacations, Trips, TravelEurope  

Discount Car Rental, Student Car Hire, Under 25 car rental, Car rental USA under 25  
Discount Car Rental, Student Car Hire, Under 25 car rental, Car rental USA under 25 from companies like Kemwell, Budget, Avis, Fox, Hertz and Dollar.

Go boat yourself, Cruises and Travel By Boat  
Leslie Baehr has sailed from Aruba to Curacao and leaned some important sea travel lessons along the way. She shares some travel secrets and teaches you how to see the world by sea with cruises and travel by boat.

Travel Eastern Europe, European Youth Hostels Eurail  
Croatia hopes to adopt the euro by 2010, and other countries like Slovenia, Hungary and Latvia may switch as early as 2007.

Road Trip USA: Skier Abroad, skierabroad, ski abroad  

New York travel to boroughs, what are New Yorks burroughs  

Visiting Beijing and ancient China, How to find ancient parts of Beijing  

Airline Tickets pricing software: Flight Agent  

Sababa Roof Party  

Chinese travel to Macau, How to get to Macau from Hong Kong  

Hosteling in California, Costal  
San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego. The California Coast....

Travel to traditional Chinese culture, Hong Kong cheap travel  

People Who Travel - Meet Justin Jones  
Student Traveler caught up with Justin Jones, who just returned from traveling in Central America for five months.

Hidden Hostels in Hong Kong, Po Lin hostel, Hostels on island off of Hong Kong  

Horseball in France  

Travel in a rain forest, St Croix cheap travel, Eco travel in Caribbean  

How to buy a rug in Marrakech, Travel to Marrakech for rugs, cheap travel Marrakech  

Foot problems in the Nile, Kabirya, Kayaking in Uganda  

Mao Caste, Himalayas, and Mt. Everest  


Couch surfing, Couch surfing Europe, couchsurfing, hospitality club  

Nirvana Heaven : stairway to nirvana  

Dogon Mali trave, cheap travel to Africa  


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