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Making money teaching English abroad, how much money can you make with
By: Staff (justin) 2011.02.12



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If you've never been a teacher, it's hard to imagine the thrill of a classroom finally lighting up with understanding. It's as if a cloud suddenly parts, and your lesson shines through like the light of the sun. OK, maybe that's a little melodramatic, but it is incredibly rewarding. That's for all teachers, but the goal is partly making money teaching English abroad and their students is often more intense because everything is more intense when living as an expatriate. Your students are your primary connection to the country and culture you're immersed in - they are your interpreters of language and life. A fellow teacher in China, a tough New York guy who often complained about his teaching workload, wept openly when his students gave him a card for Spring Festival. It's a very powerful connection.

That feel-good glow better count for a lot, because usually there's very little cash flow to go with it. Often, demand for native English speakers is highest in developing nations where you may be teaching without any books, papers, directions, chalkboards, or much of a salary. It's usually enough for a moderate lifestyle in-country, but you won't come home having saved anything. And why should you? The best use of whatever you can save is buying train tickets for exploration. The single biggest perk of teaching English abroad is travel, of course! So do it. Not only will you see some great places, but you'll learn more about the place you live in, and the students you teach. And you'll know enough about the country to see it in an entirely new light. That's a pretty fair exchange; teach English and excite international classrooms, and learn about the rest of the world while you're at it.

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