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Overseas Books Recommendations
By: Student Traveler (justin) 2012.03.16

Travellers WorldwideOver 16 years experience sending volunteers overseas to rewarding projects in teaching, care, conservation, internships, language courses and more! Choose from 20 countries and flexible project time frames from 2 weeks up to a year. Full support and consultation to find the best project and destination for you! Travellers Worldwide --

International Jobs Directory: 1001 Employers and Great Tips for Success!
by Drs. Ron & Caryl Krannich

This guide offers contact information for international jobs, including the Federal Government, international organizations, associations, research institutes, businesses, contracting and consulting firms, non-profit organizations, foundations and universities. The book also has a lengthy list of useful web addresses.
ISBN 157023082X

Jobs for People Who Love to Travel
by Drs. Ron & Caryl Krannich

This is a well designed and thoroughly researched book. It begins with a whole chapter dedicated to dispelling the myths of working abroad, offers quizzes to test your motivations and knowledge in working abroad, and then covers the different areas in working abroad: travel and hospitality, government, international education, teaching, business and volunteer organizations.

Living and Working in Series
Informative and practical, each book provides information on finding jobs in Australia, Britain, France, Spain and Switzerland. Each book includes chapters of finding a job, permits, visas, and accommodations.
$21.95 each

International Jobs
by Erich Kocher

A well researched guide to planning and acquiring a job overseas. Many directories on different types of jobs, agencies and contacts.

Culture Shock
Popular travel book dedicated to better understanding and coping with another culture. There are terrific resources for anyone traveling or living abroad.
$12.95 each

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