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Red Eye 10/03
By: Claire Smith (justin) 2006.12.04

Photo by Holly Bond

It's time to fess up. I never studied abroad when I was in college. But that was my mistake and not one that you should make. I simply wasn't informed enough. I was living in Manhattan and working hard just to survive month to month while the semesters flew by. In my head, I imagined that once I graduated things would get easier, that I'd have a flexible job and more free time without the restriction of hectic class schedules. I always figured that it would be too expensive to study abroad, that it would remove me too much from my regular life and that too much time would be spent trying to adjust when I got back.

Now, more than a year since I've graduated, I've realized my mistake. If you live your whole life thinking that just down the road it will get easier, then it will never be a good time to travel. As we'll explain in this issue it's a lot easier to study abroad than you might think. Depending on where you go, it can even be cheaper than spending a semester or a year at home. Now I wish that I had at least looked into the possibility of study abroad. I probably would have done it had I realized how easy and life-changing it can be.

Also in this issue our creative director, Bonnie Yoon, provides a beautiful photo-journal of her time in southern Africa this summer. There are places you can go in this world that will forever change the way you view life; Africa is just one of them. It's important to remember that, with the right frame of mind, any place you ever go can potentially change your life. If you can't make it to Africa this year, or India next spring, you can always find yourself on a rooftop in Kansas, the edge of a lake in Minnesota, or even the Alabama coast at dawn. The entire world is out there and it starts wherever you are.

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