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Teach English Abroad - Paid
By: justin (justin) 2012.01.01

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Questions to Ask When Job Searching

Teach English Abroad - Paid . We all want to get paid to teach. Let's assume you've got classroom assignments ready, have an EFL degree in your back pocket, and are itching to get to a chalkboard. Don't just go to any chalkboard though, if possible, try to choose a school that will treat you right also. Assuming you have some job choices, try to find out the following information.

1. What are the typical number of classes taught, or how many hours per week?
2. What background do the students have?
3. Who else is on teaching staff and their credentials.
4. Ask the school for current or past teachers whom you can speak with.
5. How long has the school been around?
6. Is any housing provided?

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