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Degree Abroad
By: Student Traveler (justin) 2012.09.23

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Get a Degree Abroad Directly with the University!

Did you know that you can use most of your financial aid (FAFSA for us here in the US) to pay for ALL your tuition overseas? You can! The US Department of Education has a list of about 400 colleges outside the US (most of them in English-speaking countries) where you can study abroad or even get your degree.

Most universities overseas offer a semester, full degree, and even postgrad (Masters and PhD programs). You can apply to these universities directly, get the degree or credit you need, and save thousands of dollars in the process!

University of Greenwich in London is a great example. It is the largest university in London, located about 30 miles southwest of the city centre of London. The main campus of University of Greenwich is located on a UNESCO World Heritage site (a forrmer British Naval facility from the 16th century) on the Thames River. The London Tube is in walking distance, which will get you anywhere in London in a few minutes.

Over 28,000 students from 140 countries are enrolled in over 145 degree programs at University of Greenwich. However, only 55 of those students are Americans, who directly enrolled in this amazing university.

Mark Blakemore, International Regional Director, at University of Greenwich, says that the most of US students found University of Greenwich through the internet and simply enrolled directly.

They are finding the benefits of a UK education are multiple. First, a Master's degree can be complete in 1 year, and a PhD in 2-3 years. A undergraduate degree can be completed in 3 years due to UK's education system that focuses on students taking classes toward their major from day one. As an example, math majors won't be taking English courses anytime in their studies, and vice versa.

The socialized education in the UK also keeps the price low, $17,000 USD each year, for any major or master's program enrolled in at University of Greenwich.

And finally, most companies and universities in the US look at a UK education at the same level (and in most cases, higher) than that in the US. So while you get a truly, international education, you will also know that upon your return to the US your time spent abroad will be invaluable!

Find out more about degree abroad at University of Greenwich. By Eric Tiettmeyer

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