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Paid Internships in Spain: Work & Travel in Spain  
Paid Internships from companies like UBS, Marriott, Ebay, Oracle, that are looking for English speakers!

Learning and Living: Studying at a Language School in Spain  
Learning Spanish in Spain hardly feels like going to school. An average day might start with an expertly brewed café con leche and end with a delicious dinner of light tapas and endless glasses of local Rioja wine. The in-between hours are probably peppered with long strolls through winding cobblestoned streets and hours spent sketching Moorish architecture while listening to the passionate wails and intricate guitar licks of local Flamenco artists. Students will spend a couple hours in the classroom each day, but the real learning....

Study Abroad Programs Madrid: Luis Dhimes Chef Pepper  

When Chef Federico placed the large, purple octopus on the cutting board in front of me, I brandished my 12-inch knife like some sort of culinary Captain Nemo.

Study Abroad Italian: Study Abroad in Madrid  

One of the most underrated cities in all of Europe, it is the heart of Spain and the lifeblood of a culture that has maintained its identity in our overly structured and sanitized modern world.

Study Abroad in Italy with study abroad programs in Rome  
While tourists from every country filtered off the government-cut green lawns and in to the government-subsidized yellow buses, we had only been in Pisa for an hour, and we weren't about to leave.

Self defense while traveling, safety for women travel, how to defend yourself  

Teaching English in Madrid, Teaching English Madrid, English teacher in Madrid, English teatcher Madrid, Teaching English At Pueblo Ingles  
Have you heard you can't do Teaching English in Madrid? Don't listen to it! There are plenty of jobs to teach English in Spain. Here is one opportunity.

Crazy people in hostels, hostels in Spain with crazy people  

Walking to Santiago de Compostela, Walking in Spain, Cheap travel to Spain  

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