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Slovakia Slovakia isn't the lesser half of former Czechoslovakia, nor is it the bleak country portrayed in the movie Hostel (which was mostly filmed in Prague). Visitors come to Slovakia because it's safe, inexpensive and not as overrun by tourists as its more popular neighbor. People are particularly drawn to the capital city of Bratislava and medieval city center, with narrow, winding streets. Much of Bratislava is easily walkable and you’ll enjoy strolling past some of the many beautiful building, including churches and cathedrals, museums, theaters, and monuments. Other Popular destinations include Spiš Castle, and the Dobšinská Ice Cave, where the average temperature is 0°C year-round. If you like the cold, grab your board and head to the High Tatras for some great skiing. With Austria and Russia as neighbors, it shouldn't come as a shock that Slovakia also has some great classical music (but I bet you didn't know there was a Slovak Philharmonic), and its Hungarian influences are evident in places like Košice. Even if your Slavic is a little slovenly, there are no language requirements at the many spa towns, where the treatment is extravagant but the price usually isn't. To many visitors, this Eastern European destination is the old Czechoslovakia's better half. Highlights: Snap some memorable photos of Spiš Castle, one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. Get lost in the winding streets of Bratislava’s medieval city center. Chill out in the Dobšinská Ice Cave and ski the High Tatras. Best time to visit: April to October Student Airfare: $907 New York to Bratislava 7 Nights in a hostel: $112.70 Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 23.6524 SKK Student Traveler home page Study Abroad: Global Learning Semesters,University of New Orleans, Work Overseas: TEFL International, I to I
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