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Travel to France

With it's lavish chateaux, lavender fields, medieval streets, and sidewalk cafes, France conjures up any number of postcard-ready scenes. To the proud French, it is only natural that outsiders flock to their history-steeped homeland. Although France may no longer manipulate world events, the vineyards of Bordeaux, the museums of Paris, and the beaches of the Riviera draw more tourists that any other nation in the world. Centuries-old farms and churches share the landscape with inventive, modern architecture; streets posters advertise jazz festivals as as as Baroque concerts. The country's rich culinary tradition rounds out a culture that cannot be sent home on a four-by-six. Buy the Let's Go France guidebook here!

Feature Articles

Paid Internships in France  

Paris to Blois  
The opposite of blah, Blois (blwah: pop 51,000) is the hidden gem of the Loire Valley, and the perfect excuse for a few days or explorations and medieval meddling.

Orleans France  

Travel to Versailles  
If you descend the great steps of the Versailles garden slowly enough, you might just feel like royalty. A whopping 580m long, this crib won't fit in your camera frame.

Train to Paris  
From students who obsess over Derrida's Of Grammatalogy to tourists who wonder why the French don't pronounce half the consonants in each word, everyone enjoys the city where, by decree of law, buildings don't exceed six stories (so that all have sunshine).

Horseball in France  

Ski resort jobs Europe  

"We don't have all day, you know!" the chef screams at me in French, as beads of sweat trickle down through the crevices of his face.

Dining in the dark, unusual places to eat, Dans Le Noir  

Our 3 Cents: Romance on the Road  
Greece, Paris and Vegas....

Travel to cemetaries, travel to see Jim Morrison in Paris  

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