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The Philippines The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands that pepper the South China and Philippine seas, so naturally there's a wealth of affordable liquid adventure, above and below the waves. For instance, marine life here is so diverse that o–ne lobe of brain corral no larger than a VW bug will likely have gaggles of Christmas tree worms, nudibranchs, parrotfish, flute fish, and pulsing sea clams jockeying for front seats before your regulator, while turtles and banded snake eels circle in holding patterns just beyond. Sea kayaking is so new outfitters make their own boats, but they track brilliantly and can carry you over whale-shark infested waters for less than a the price of a new CD. What's more, you can join locals who love to paddle the area, and spend nights with them under skies humming with cicadas, camp in fishing villages or o–n remote beaches, and mingle with the watermen during the day. Highlights: See the Island of Cebu … Go to the remote island of Malapascua … Sagada and San Fernando are nice mainland visits … Visit the remote Tau't Batu tribe … Student Traveler: Liquid Adventures in the Philippines; Big Discoveries on a Small Island in the Philippines
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