Prague Train Travel

Since the Commies got the boot 20 years ago, Prague has worked overtime to shape up its act. And shape up it has: this former crumbling communist puppet has become a prime tourist Metropolis that showcases teh history of a former center of rthe Western world. And we’re talking grade-A top choice history here. Take Jan Hus – who kind of invented Protestantism. Jan got into some hot water here back in 1413; it only got hotter on the stake. Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV ruled one of Europe’s largest kingdoms from Prague and built a city of medieval wonders in the process: towers, castles, statues of himself, bridges with his name on it, universities named Charles, more Charles statues. Real charmer, that Charles. And let’s not forget Prague’s defenestration, that classy tradition of tossing politicians from windows, which happened thrice from Prague’s various towers.

Thanks to the renovations, these towers now shimmer like new, as if calling you to enact a defenstration of your own- may of that irritating chatterbox couple in your hostel. Either way, the city will be sparkling clean and a pleasure for the eye. However, beautification has come at a price of general Disney-fication of Prague. But don’t let this be an excuse to miss out on its more compelling flavors; it’s a small town with tourist districts that rub buns and elbows with the areas containing the real Czech Kahunas. And even if the reality is that in the summer the tourist-to-local ration reaches nine to one, they’ve come for a set of reasons: it’s cheap, cheery, and delicious. The only thing Prague won’t deliver is disappointment.

If you’re a student traveling in Europe and looking for an affordable and convenient way to explore the Czech Republic, train travel from Prague is an excellent option. With a well-connected network of trains and stations, traveling by train in the Czech Republic is an easy and efficient way to explore the country.

The Czech Republic’s train system is operated by Czech Railways, which offers a range of ticket options and travel classes to suit every budget and need. As a student, you can take advantage of discounted fares and special offers, making train travel an affordable way to explore the country.

Prague is the perfect starting point for a train trip around the Czech Republic. From the main train station, you can catch a train to destinations all over the country, including popular cities like Brno, Cesky Krumlov, and Karlovy Vary. Trains from Prague are fast, frequent, and comfortable, with plenty of amenities like Wi-Fi and dining options.

One of the benefits of train travel in the Czech Republic is that you can enjoy the scenic views of the countryside along the way. The country is known for its picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and charming small towns, making train travel a great way to see more of the country beyond the cities.

If you’re a student traveling in Europe, train travel from Prague is an excellent option for exploring the Czech Republic. With affordable fares, frequent departures, and a comfortable travel experience, it’s a convenient and efficient way to see more of this beautiful country. So, hop on a train and start your adventure!

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